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Would you like to be in a career that has you living a more inspired life?
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Become Your Own Career Coach - Learn The Secrets from a Recruiter
Don't wait for a wake-up call - they are never pleasant!
Take action now to get your career on track by aligning your passion with your profession so that you know your contribution, feel valued and earn your worth.
You Have The Answers
You'll be guided through a range of exercises to help you draw out the answers from within ...
You Will Be Given The Tools
You will be provided with a number of tools that have worked successfully to help many people, including me, identify & obtain their dream job ...
How Much Longer Can You Wait?
Do you want to be at the Cause or at the Effect of things happening in your career? Get immediate access to cause the change you want now... 
What You'll Cover In Your Program ...

What You'll Achieve From Doing The Program:

You'll identify your dream job, one that aligns with your values and purpose, so that you have more meaning and purpose while achieving sustainable success and wellbeing.
You'll become aware of what's been holding you back in your career and clear those patterns from the past so you can create a new future.
Using tips from a former recruiter you'll be able to navigate a competitive market and stand out from the crowd, and also find the hidden jobs. 
Develop your toolkit armed with an effective resume and cover letter, and the tips on how to tailor it for each role you apply for.
Comments from others like you who have taken action:
"These unique processes opened my eyes & helped me define what I wanted to do with my career. I had a clear plan."
Executive Officer
"I worked through my passions, goals and values to narrow down a career path by design verses necessity." 
Sales Consultant
"Doing this deliberate work on myself gave me the right level of confidence and I attracted a role that ticks all of the boxes for me. I didn’t think this would happen as quickly as it did but it was like all the stars were aligned and magic happened."
Senior Human Resources Manager

Meet The Person Behind The Program

You're in the right place - Let me share my 30 year's careers experience with you...
I can teach you the strategies that will help you to tap into the hidden job market as well as make every application more effective. Having reviewed thousands of resumes, I know what will have your resume end up in the 'A' pile not the 'B' (for bin) pile, and that is if your cover letter leaves them wanting to know more. Plus, having conducted over 10,000 interviews, and combining what I've now discovered using neuro linguistic programming techniques, I share some tips on how your interview can have more impact and be more memorable.
This program provides you with a range of practical career advice, along with some of the mindset changes that need to occur for you to achieve your goal. I know my process works because I've used it on myself including achieving great results with many clients. 
I'm passionate about helping you achieve your dream career and get on your path. 
Reach your full potential while optimising your fulfillment, success and wellbeing.

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